Workstation Based Moving


Furniture And Workstation Moving Services in Calgary


In Calgary, numerous businesses have discovered the advantages of selecting Metropolitan Movers as their designated cubicle moving service. We help firms of every size relocate from one address to another with a minimum of disruption. Our skilled office furniture movers provide workstation moving services for home offices also. We undertake both short and long distance moves.

Select Us to Relocate Office Equipment And Furnishings

We welcome the opportunity to serve as your preferred cubicle moving service. Metropolitan Movers possesses reliable specialized moving tools and equipment, including modern trucks, dollies, straps, and padding. When we undertake workstation moving services, we endeavor to transport objects as safely and efficiently as possible from one place to another. Ask our office furniture movers to carry heavy equipment, partitions, art work, desks, tables, chairs, bookshelves, and other bulky items. Your staff will appreciate the convenience supplied by this expert cubicle moving service.

Do You Require Furniture Assembly or Reassembly Assistance?

A special optional service we offer appeals to many businesses during relocations. One of the most time-consuming, laborious tasks involved in setting up an office involves assembling (or reassembling) furniture. Placing drawers back in desks, installing bookshelves, and adding legs and roller capabilities to chairs all devour valuable staff time. Did you know, your firm can ask our office furniture movers to undertake these tedious tasks for you? Imagine the convenience of beginning the first workday at a new office in a completely assembled setting! Our cubicle moving service will also assist you by assembling partitions to create complete, serviceable workstations for your personnel based upon your instructions.

Enjoy Seamless Relocations Fitting Your Timetable

Managers also appreciate the flexibility of our Calgary office furniture movers. Did you know, we frequently accept requests to supply moving services at night or during weekend hours? This assistance sometimes helps businesses avoid protracted, revenue-draining periods of inactivity caused by relocations. If you need a cubicle moving service to collect freight for you from a warehouse or retail loading dock and transport it rapidly to a business address, simply make this request. Our office furniture movers in Calgary frequently help enterprises undergoing expansion. We realize when we collect and transport these types of items, we often enable our customers to honor their busy timetables more effectively. Depend upon Metropolitan Movers to help you with every detail of a Calgary office relocation!