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Calgary Moving and Storage Services


Calgary is one of the most interesting places to live in Canada. Here, there is a great music scene and plenty of art. A thriving financial sector makes for a diverse real estate market, with plenty of apartments in this busy downtown area. But apartments in fancy downtown areas often lack enough storage for all the owner’s goods. Moving and storage in Calgary has never been easier. We have a conveniently located storage rental waiting for you today!

We are a company experienced in moving and storage in Calgary. Our short term storage in Calgary is one of the best options for the modern apartment dweller. Take advantage of the extra space we have to offer for your goods. At an affordable price, our storage units are perfect for extra furniture, winter goods, and holiday goods. We also house those important play vehicles like all terrain vehicles and kayaks. You can afford to invest in higher quality goods and toys with short term storage in Calgary. Our short term lease options are great for moving families, but they will house your goods in the long term as well without the commitment.

Short term storage in Calgary is an important option for families moving out of the hustle and bustle of a downtown apartment. Moving into their first home or into a bigger rental can take several months after the initial move. It sometimes seems like there are items everywhere during a move, as though nothing ever gets put away. Usually, not having the right furniture ready to go is to blame. Moving and storage in Calgary is our specialty. We can help you put everything away in a timely manner when you are ready to move. Let us help you get ready to move with a storage unit near you.

Apartment dwellers can also use storage space in Calgary. Calgary is full of neighborhoods brimming with business, but that can put real estate at a premium in some areas. Our conveniently located storage units will help you keep your items together. Having access to your goods at your leisure will give you peace of mind. You can rely on a secure space that is easy to access when you want from our company. Skis, all terrain vehicles, extra speakers and party decor are just a few of the things that take up space in an apartment. Consider our storage spaces to keep your apartment clutter free and easy to use. You can rotate your goods seasonally or keep event items in the storage space until you need them.

Short term storage is a great option for those seeking both long term and short term storage. A short term storage lease is more convenient for some people who don’t want to commit to long term storage. You can renew your lease more often than you would a long term lease and avoid the commitment of a long term lease.