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Ask our specialty item movers in Calgary to help you haul a variety of heavy, bulky, or fragile goods across town or to locations in other provinces. We offer nationwide hauling and relocation services at surprisingly affordable rates. Moving some assets requires extensive planning. If you cannot determine the best way to transport a heavy piece of equipment or an item of bulky furniture, you’ll want to check with us. We offer both infrequent and regularly scheduled hauling services to help customers move assets from one place to another within specified time frames as cost-effectively as possible. Just consider a few of the specialty items we transport frequently:

Relocate Your Vending Machines Effortlessly

On many occasions, we work as vending machine movers in Calgary. Today, many people enjoy the convenience of purchasing items from automated vending machines. This sophisticated, expensive equipment requires careful transport to prevent accidental damage to sensitive machine mechanisms. Do you need help hauling a damaged vending machine to a repair site? Or would you like assistance when you replace an outdated model with a newer one? Ask us to provide hauling services to move your heavy and bulky vending machines correctly from one place to another.

Expert Transport Services For Pool Tables

Another item which requires knowledgeable handling during a relocation challenges the skills of even some speciality movers. Transporting a pool table requires expertise. The sensitive surface of the table must remain free of nicks and tears, or a valuable table will become worthless without expensive refurbishment. We work as pool table movers in Calgary. Our service brings peace of mind to property owners. Ask us to relocate a single table, or multiple tables.

We Move Large Fridges Nationwide

Our company offers skilled assistance hauling large refrigerators securely and carefully for customers. Do you need a capable specialty mover to transport one of these heavy items to a landfill for you? Rely on us to complete this project without endangering the public or breaking any disposal laws. We also assist restaurants, golf clubs, manufacturers, and custom home builders by carefully transporting large refrigerators to specified locations upon request. Our surprisingly competitively priced service helps customers save money and arduous labor.

Use Our Specialty Movers For Your Bulky Safes

Customers seeking specialty movers to transport safes appreciate the expertise of our Calgary Specialty Hauling service. The heavy weight of a safe often imposes a significant burden on transportation resources. If you’ve invested in a high qaulity, strong safe, then moving it from one location to another probably seems like a daunting or nearly impossible undertaking. When you must relocate your safe, rely on our skills. We possess the specialized tools and training required to tackle this assignment.

We Offer Restaurant Equipment Hauling Services

Customers frequently call upon us to transport restaurant equipment. Do you need help moving a donut shop from one place to another? Or assistance refurbishing a restaurant kitchen? Perhaps you’ve decided to auction a diner or a cafe? In all these situations, and many others, it may become necessary to transport heavy, bulky restaurant equipment. Depend on us to undertake this project for you as cost-effectively as possible.

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