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The Local Piano Movers Calgary That You Can Trust


Piano owners have always been proud of their musical instrument. Many homes in Calgary treat is as the heart of their dwelling and even a family member. If you need to move your piano to a new location, you know that the only way for you to achieve this mission is to call expert piano movers Calgary. You cannot place the precious instrument in the hands of novices.

We are the professional movers that you are seeking in Calgary. Whether you need the piano to be transported to your new house, apartment, or even another location, you should only trust the experts with several years of experience so that you avoid careless and unnecessary blunders that risk not only your piano but the people around it.

As expert piano movers Calgary, we have extensive experience when it comes to relocating various types of pianos. It does not matter how sensitive, heavy, or old your piano is because we will safely transfer it. You can inspect it right after our service, so you check for scratches or damages and see for yourself that we have taken care of the instrument


Dependable Piano Moving Company in Calgary

Aside from our professional piano movers Calgary, we also take pride in using time-tested techniques in moving all variations of pianos. We also have special pieces of equipment to ensure a hassle-free relocation of their pianos.

Our clients always feel more confident in our services after we have explained to them the techniques and the tools that we will be using for the move. You can always trust that our piano moving company will carry out the delivery of your piano to the designated address efficiently and securely.

Safe Techniques and Equipment to Know About

If you have an upright or apartment piano, our moving methodologies will typically be the same for these two types. We will have our team lift the piano and position it on top of a skid. Blankets and plastic wrap will be all around the piano to guarantee its protection. This way, it will be free from chipping, scratching, or any damage, while also protecting your doorways and walls from such misfortunes.

Special belts will be used while the piano is on the skid and then it will be on a dolly as it rolls toward the exit of the place. In case the piano requires to be moved downstairs or upstairs, we will have the piano skid placed directly on the steps. We always ensure that the techniques we use show how much we care for the instrument.

Meanwhile, if you have a grand piano or its baby version, you can depend on our piano moving company to know every step of transporting it from setting up the skid to removing the lid, legs, and pedal box. We will cover it with protective layers so it will not have any damage and your house as well. Also, all the disassembled pieces will be wrapped individually before they are moved to the truck.

Transporting the piano is not an easy task. It takes skillful execution and correct planning, which our expert piano movers Calgary can provide you. Give us a call today and receive an estimate of our service for free.

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