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Savvy business owners and office managers in Calgary welcome the ease of calling upon Metropolitan Movers. We understand the paramount importance of completing commercial relocations on time (and within budget). Businesses sometimes face significant fees and penalties when they fail to complete relocations by specified deadlines.


We Serve Every Major Canadian City

We’ve worked hard to supply the skilled personnel and the specialized equipment necessary to facilitate smooth transitions from one Canadian urban area to another. Our movers will do everything possible to accommodate your timetable. Ask us to help you relocate both your office and the households of specified employees. Or simply request the essential business moving services of most use to you. You’ll enjoy complete freedom to tailor your next commercial relocation to meet the unique needs of your enterprise. We conduct business in every major Canadian city.

Our Furniture Movers and Assemblers Add Convenience

Our firm supplies a variety of services which assist companies during relocations, office openings, and business expansions. We routinely move and re-assemble furniture, including very heavy and bulky items. We’ll provide moving services at the most convenient hours for your enterprise, too. Do you need movers to work at night or over the weekend? Contact us.

We Offer Cost-Effective Storage Services

When you obtain storage services through our company, we’ll ensure your stored items stay in a clean, dry, well-secured environment. We take every precaution within our power to minimize the risk of property losses. Our business customers rely on our expertise in selecting excellent, carefully maintained storage facilities. Make us your preferred commercial movers in Calgary!

Relocating Local Small Businesses

Despite our nationwide presence, Metropolitan Movers retains a strong interest in serving small businesses. We consider no customer too small (or too large) to merit our attention. We strive to furnish complete satisfaction. Whether you plan on moving within a city, or you expect to relocate across Canada, our commitment to you remains the same: we’d like to ensure your complete satisfaction! Our movers seek to prevent the disruption of your business services whenever possible.

Commercial Movers Calgary Provide Professional Labeling Services

Do you know of any nationwide moving companies offering professional labeling services? We suspect we remain one of the few nationwide Canadian moving firms to supply this service for the benefit of business customers and their employees. Request this assistance to enjoy seamless unpacking in your new location.

Schedule Your Next Business Relocation Today

Explore all the ways we can assist your next commercial moving project. We understand business relocation in Calgary! Call us now to receive fast, friendly assistance.