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Savvy business owners and office managers in Calgary welcome the ease of calling upon Metropolitan Movers. We understand the paramount importance of completing commercial relocations on time (and within budget). Businesses sometimes face significant fees and penalties when they fail to complete relocations by specified deadlines.


We Serve Every Major Canadian City

We’ve worked hard to supply the skilled personnel and the specialized equipment necessary to facilitate smooth transitions from one Canadian urban area to another. Our movers will do everything possible to accommodate your timetable. Ask us to help you relocate both your office and the households of specified employees. Or simply request the essential business moving services of most use to you. You’ll enjoy complete freedom to tailor your next commercial relocation to meet the unique needs of your enterprise. We conduct business in every major Canadian city.

Our Furniture Movers and Assemblers Add Convenience

Our firm supplies a variety of services which assist companies during relocations, office openings, and business expansions. We routinely move and re-assemble furniture, including very heavy and bulky items. We’ll provide moving services at the most convenient hours for your enterprise, too. Do you need movers to work at night or over the weekend? Contact us.

We Offer Cost-Effective Storage Services

When you obtain storage services through our company, we’ll ensure your stored items stay in a clean, dry, well-secured environment. We take every precaution within our power to minimize the risk of property losses. Our business customers rely on our expertise in selecting excellent, carefully maintained storage facilities. Make us your preferred commercial movers in Calgary!

Relocating Local Small Businesses

Despite our nationwide presence, Metropolitan Movers retains a strong interest in serving small businesses. We consider no customer too small (or too large) to merit our attention. We strive to furnish complete satisfaction. Whether you plan on moving within a city, or you expect to relocate across Canada, our commitment to you remains the same: we’d like to ensure your complete satisfaction! Our movers seek to prevent the disruption of your business services whenever possible.

Commercial Movers Calgary Provide Professional Labeling Services

Do you know of any nationwide moving companies offering professional labeling services? We suspect we remain one of the few nationwide Canadian moving firms to supply this service for the benefit of business customers and their employees. Request this assistance to enjoy seamless unpacking in your new location.

Schedule Your Next Business Relocation Today

Explore all the ways we can assist your next commercial moving project. We understand business relocation in Calgary! Call us now to receive fast, friendly assistance.

Moving your business to a new space is difficult when you’re trying to concentrate on other aspects of your company at the same time. For a cost-effective solution, Calgary Movers would be happy to step in and, under your guidance, assist with the moving process.

Imagine being able to stand back on moving day and let professional office movers take care of the office furniture. What a stress-free experience that would be! When you hire Calgary Movers, there’s no hassle and no fuss. We can take care of every detail of your office moving relocation, and ensure a fast, effective move for business partners and employees alike.

As a professional office moving company, we have been servicing Toronto since 2010. Throughout this experience, we’ve had the pleasure of working with a wide array of different start-ups, entrepreneurs, small business owners, offices, and corporate office spaces. We know what it takes to perform an office move across the City. Better yet, we tailor our services to the unique needs of your business. Featuring an affordable rate and flexible terms, we work around the availability and preferences of your office, ensuring that no one is waiting around or wasting time. If you are looking for a professional office moving company in Toronto, please don’t hesitate to speak with us. We would be happy to provide a quote unique to your office’s moving requirements.

Office Moving For Any Commercial Company

To any commercial enterprise who hires us, we provide them with a dedicated team of movers and packers on moving day. When they arrive, they already will have the supplies required to pack furniture and will ensure belongings are packed in the safest, most efficient manner. Larger office furniture, dishes, TVs, computers, and whatever you need. Throughout this process, we will ensure boxes are properly labelled and will handle any furniture disassembly. In the final bill, you will notice a breakdown of different services, ensuring that you pay only for the services you received. In the initial consultation process, we would be happy to discuss in a little more detail what is included in the rate.

At the end of the day, receive a stress-free office moving experience. There won’t be any worrying about the moving process. Having handled hundreds of office moves, moving your Toronto office is an area we specialize in. From the initial planning stages through to job completion, we will be there every step of the way to oversee the process. There’s a reason we are a go-to choice for offices across Toronto – we do office moving better than anyone!

No matter if you are relocating to another space in the same building, to near or distant premises across Toronto, or if it’s a long distance office move, we can handle all shapes and sizes.

Hire Professionals For Office Moving

By hiring Calgary Movers, you ensure that you can get back to running the office without having to worry about the logistics of a move. We will use all of our resources to ensure you can get back to work as quickly as possible following the move, setting office furniture up in the arrangement and configuration you want.