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If you’ve begun searching for capable long distance movers in Calgary, call Metropolitan Movers Calgary. We offer outstanding services at remarkably affordable prices. Our long distance movers have received some stellar reviews from customers delighted by our excellent assistance. Not all long distance moving companies maintain branches in every major Canadian city. We do! Let our teamwork help your household or business meet your relocation timetable as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible.

Typical Long Distance Moving Rates in Canada

Today customers researching long distance movers in Calgary soon discover the total weight of a freight shipment plus the length of the move both contribute to the cost. The contents of a single bedroom apartment averages approximately 2000 pounds; by contrast, a four bedroom house averages 8000 pounds of goods. Most long distance moving companies charge customers in 500 pound freight increments, beginning with a charge of $500 to $700 for the first 500 pounds and increasing by $400 to $600 per increment thereafter. Customers should expect to pay additional charges for storage and weighing fees, packing and unpacking services, and shipping very heavy or bulky items (e.g. pianos). While household moving costs vary, most customers appreciate the surprisingly affordable rates charged by Metropolitan Movers Calgary. Consider us whenever you search for competitively priced long distance movers.


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We offer customers the power to tailor their relocations. Request as many (or as few) services as you require when you select us as your long distance movers in Calgary. For example, we’ll help your household meet a looming deadline by furnishing packing and wrapping assistance. Customers decide whether they’d like us to pack all their moving boxes, or only specific items. You can also obtain expert temporary or long term storage services through our firm conveniently. Our long distance movers strive to help customers experience as pleasant a relocation as possible. We’ll do everything we can to ease the stress of moving to (or from) the beautiful City of Calgary.

Why Customers Prefer Us

Our long distance movers in Calgary offer solid value. We employ top quality packing supplies, as well as modern long distance moving trucks and equipment. Our company invested in these assets so we can furnish an outstanding level of service to our customers. We use dollies, straps, padding, and other tools to reduce the chance of damage to customer property during shipment. Rely on our long distance movers to exercise care and good judgement while transporting your household goods from one location to another. We’ll do our best to ensure your moving boxes arrive at their destination on schedule. We hope you’ll designate us as your preferred provider of long distance moving services whenever you contemplate a Canadian relocation.